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RockStar Tribute and Salute to Gen Colin Powell

October 22, 2021 Billy Gerard, Host Season 2 Episode 43
RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard
RockStar Tribute and Salute to Gen Colin Powell
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In the opening monolog for the RockStar Radio program that aired the week Gen Powell passed Billy pauses a moment to consider the hero and roll model Gen Powell was.  An uplifting and perhaps moving tribute to a true American Hero.  It includes a 21 gun salute and Taps.  

General Powell, the RockStar Nation stands and Salutes you.  Thank you...

Billy Gerard:

All right before we get into the second half hour of the program tonight, we need to pause. We need to pause and Mark, a seminal moment in our history, our history as Americans. Our history is people. Yes, Rockstar radio, Billy Gerard glad you are along. But we need to take a solemn moment. A moment of silence please, for the passing of a great man, a great politician, a great American this week. This week, former Secretary of State's former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a 35 year military service man of my father's favorite choice, I don't mind telling you he was dad's pick for President. Colin Powell has gone to the Great War Room in the sky and I would say call them we will. We will, we will miss you. A colon Luthor Powell, and he is a legitimate American success story. Colin Powell, Colin Powell, his parents immigrated from Jamaica, not Jamaica, Queens. Although they went to New York City. They emigrated from Jamaica, like the island, like come back to Jamaica. They emigrated to America with just what they had, and they raised Colin Luther Powell in New York City where he went to New York City public schools. And then he went to City College that's CUNY. For those of you as my friend rush would say in Rio, Linda, CUNY went to CUNY, where he, where he was part of the Razzi program ROTC there until he received his first commission in 1958. And thus began his public service career. And now the this week, yeah, October 18. Colin finally succumbed to complications from COVID, although he had been fully vaccinated, and that's, that's been reported. What hasn't been widely reported is he has had, he had had cancer, and he was undergoing treatment for his cancer, which is likely the catalyst of it, although I am no doctor. But that has been less reported. So the rock star stands and we salute the passing of, of a great American, a legitimate American success story. It came from New York, went to public school, went to City College, and rose to the highest ranks of political office anywhere and was respected. I will tell you by everyone left and right, respected up colon, respected General Powell that no no doubt, and I will tell you in the couple of occasions I had had I have had over the years to talk with General Powell to work with him. I always found him to be honest, charming, and quite honestly, I slept better at night knowing that he and his and men like him, were in charge. So a tribute to Colin Powell. Thank you for your service. General Powell. You are listening to Rockstar radio with Billy Gerard and our special Halloween presentation. We'll be right back with more. Don't move a muscle

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